cardGRIND - Japanese Writing

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Learn the Japanese writing system of hiragana and katakana, including the dakuten, handakuten and youon modified forms, using cardGRIND!

The cardGRIND flashcard learning system is the premier iPhone OS education app, built for optimal learning in an effortless and rapid manner. Built by a former language educator, cardGRIND offers a number of different study modes that allow you to study any subject your way, with detailed statistics to help you measure your progress. The cardGRIND system offers a wide array of card decks for different subjects; whatever you want to study, cardGRIND can supply the deck.


cardGRIND comes loaded with large, complete decks of cards for many different topics. Other iPhone/iPod Touch flashcard apps make you create your own decks of cards, taking hours of your time that could be better used studying. Many of these apps also require a separate purchase of a desktop application, often very expensive, just to create flashcards.

Say you wanted to create a deck to study Japanese writing, and rather than spend several hours creating the cards in another app, you can just download them from cardGRIND and get started.

Simpify your studying with cardGRIND.


cardGRIND integrate the scientifically proven Leitner and ERO (Efficient Recitation with Overlearning) study systems to help you learn whatever topic you studying as fast as is optimally possible. The statistics kept by cardGRIND will let you know how far you’ve progressed, and where you need to focus your limited study time.

You have your iPhone or iPod Touch on you most of the time, so instead of wasting your time and money on some throwaway game, pick up cardGRIND and learn something new.


- Powerful card organization that allows you to create custom groups of cards, called “boxes”, to help you focus on certain subsets of cards, or cards you have trouble remembering.
- A “direct” study mode for quick and easy studying of a group of cards.
- A Right/Wrong study mode inspired by the ERO study technique to help you focus on the more difficult cards.
- A 3-Stack study mode based on the popular Leitner study method, to help you zero in directly on the cards you have the most trouble remembering.
- A graded self test mode to see how you perform in a testing situation.
- Detailed metrics to help you see where you spend the most time studying, and to see how you are progressing with memorization.
- No complicated syncing needed, unlike other flashcard apps.